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Wooden Surface

Your Frame. Your Way.


A115 Tulip (Jacobean)

L1163 Cherry

L939 Cherry

L1384 Walnut

A113 Oak

L942 Cherry

A104 Obeche (distressed black + stain)
(also available in Tulip

A259 Obeche (Black + stain)

A115 Tulip (Jacobean).png
L1163 Cherry.png
L939 Cherry.png
L1384 Walnut.png
A113 OAK.png
L942 Cherry.png
A104 OB _ TY distressed black.png
A259 OB Black + Stain.png

A115 Ash

A40 Ash

A40 Oak

A115 Tulip (antique brown wax)

L938 Maple

A36 Ash

SW2724 Ash

A113 Beech

A113 Tulip

A10 Tulip

A11 Pine

A115 ash.png
A40 Ash.png
A40 Oak.png
A115 Tulip Antique brown wax.png
L938 maple.png
A36 ash.png
SW2724 ASH.png
A113 beech.png
A113 tulip.png
A10 tulip.png
A11 Pine.png

A115 Limed Ash

A40 Beech

A259 Obeche
(also available in Ash and Tulip)

A115 Oak

SW2724 Obeche (painted + distressed)

SW2724 Tulip

A115 Linen ash.png
A40 Beech.png
A259 OB P.png
A115 OAK.png
SW2724 OB PD.png
SW2724 Tulip.png
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